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      ABA 1:1
      Classroom Model

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      The 1:1 teaching model at MCC is rooted in the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and carefully integrates teaching across five instructional repertoires (academic, verbal behavior, social skills, community of reinforcement, and self-management). We recognize the need for individualization of student goals through the adjustment of teaching procedures based on personalized data. Eventual integration into group settings is achieved by systematically fading in demands while also increasing the group size. A key component to transitioning students to a less restrictive environment is the 2:1 classroom model, which provides increased opportunities for small groups and dyads.

      The One-to-One Classrooms at MCC provide individualized instruction throughout the day to meet the needs of learners while creating a foundation of academic, self-management, social, verbal behavior, and leisure skills.

      Students in this model receive one-to-one instruction in a classroom of six to seven students, one lead teacher, and 5-6 ABA instructors.

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